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Peter Kfoury

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The New Album!

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Peter Kfoury

Peter Kfoury's musical journey is a captivating blend of cultural influences and personal creativity. It's fascinating how he draws from his Lebanese heritage and upbringing in the Northeast to create a musical tapestry that defies categorization. The Oud adds a rich historical dimension to his compositions, connecting listeners to ancient sounds while infusing them with contemporary elements from jazz, blues, pop, rock and folk.


"The Journey Together" promises to be an immersive experience. transporting the listeners to a place where boundaries between musical genres blur and focus is on the raw energy of new and creative sounds. With a talented ensemble of New York City and LA based musicians, Peter Kfoury's latest latest album sounds like a testament to the power of collaboration and the universal power of music.


Peter prefers to let his music speak for itself rather than confining it to a specific genre, style or mood. By embracing the diverse influences that shape his sound, he invites listeners to join him on a journey of discovery and connection. I'm sure his album will resonate with audiences looking for something fresh and authentic. 


"The Journey Together" will be available on all digital platforms worldwide and limited edition CDs on April 17, 2024. You can check out Peter's first two albums "At The Heart of Two Worlds" (2015) and "Breaking All The Rules" (2020) on all the streaming services.





4/17/24 TedX Charleston Charleston Music Hall


4/18/24 "The Journey Together" Album Release Party North Charleston Community Center 


5/10/24 World Music Cafe 7 PM  Fox Music House North Charleston, SC


5/16/24 Private Event at Bishop Gadsden Community


5/27/24 Piccolo Festival Noontime Show Series at Circular Church 12 PM


5/30/24 Park Circle Farmers Market

5-7 PM At The Community Building IN The Circle


6/7/24 SOFAR Show 4th Ward Charlotte, NC

Exact Location TBA 7:30 PM


6/27/24 Park Circle Farmers Market

5-7 PM At The Community Building IN The Circle 

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